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Each of our cozy, rustic cabins has a bathroom, sink, mini-fridge and microwave oven.

Cabin 1

Under renovation.


$65 per night

Cabin 2

This air-conditioned cabin offers a comfortable double bed downstairs, plus a double bed in the sleeping loft. Bedding, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot included.


$65 per night

RV Sites

All our RV sites include full water/electric/sewer hookups.

Our RV sites are large and open, so there's room for all sizes of rigs.
$25 per night
After a two-week stay in Bluewater Lake State Park, we have the perfect place for you to do your "six days out" before returning to the park!
Coffee Shop & Bookstore

We have coffee, delicious pastries, camping supplies, and loads of books to buy or trade.

Shower House


Clean up after a day of fun with a long hot shower.

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